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1996 Greco-Roman Silver Medalist - A Mountain of a man at 6 feet 4 inches, 286 pounds, Matt is arguably one of the strongest men in the world. In NEWAYS International and Ming Gold he has found both a company and a product to help him build even further on his strength. In epic gold medal showdown in Atlanta against a Russian heavyweight who had never in his life experienced defeat, Matt knew he could win, and was determined to honor his country by bringing home the gold. As the two titans faced off, spectators around the world fell silent, anticipating a battle of historical significance. The intensity of the explosive competition magnified with each passing moment and it soon became apparent that the Olympians were evenly matched.

Deadlocked at the end of regulation with overtime imminent, Matt knew that another tie would not bring him the gold. A tiebreaker would favor the Russian, The reigning world champion, so Matt would have to defeat him outright. In the ensuing overtime battle Matt gave his all, but a split-second lapse of concentration gave the Russian an opening to score a single, deciding point. Matt clinched the valuable silver medal.

Matt Ghaffari

Matt Ghaffari

"Athletic Super Water is the newest advantage any athlete can have. As a wrestler, I only have 30 seconds between rounds to get rehydrated, and drinking oxygenated water instead of regular water gives me the edge I need--the edge I'm counting on to win the gold."


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