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Kick Boxing World Titles - Shane Lynch his success

Having been introduced to Neways products recently Shane Lynch who has won two world titles in Kickboxing is in no doubt who to thank for his success.

Shane Lynch, a twenty-year-old graduate of Sports and Recreation Management from the Inchicore Institute of further education (Dublin) recently won two World titles in Kickboxing at the World Championships which were held at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght on November 11th 2000. Shane who is currently employed by City West Gym in Saggart, Co. Dublin as a Supervisor in their Leisure and Pool complex won the gold medals in a hotly contested competition in the -67kg sections of these World Championships. Thirty-two countries competed at these World Championships from four different continents at a sport which is reported to be one of the fastest growing Sports in the World today. The event which was run over three days with over four hundred competitors competing, was organised by the Irish Amateur Kickboxing Association and attracted large crowds who cheered on the finalists in which Sane, along with other members of his National team, took home a total of 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals which left Ireland ranked third in World rankings behind Austria, 1st and Russia 2nd.

This was not Shane's first International success at Kickboxing - in 1996 Shane won a World Junior Title in Prague Czech Republic and since his entry to senior competition has been one of the top three competitors at this sport. Over the past three years he has won Bronze at the 1998 Worlds in Istanbul, turkey and bronze again in Madrid at the European Championships.

Shane has been training since he was five years old in Stewarts Sports Centre, Palmertown, Dublin where his Club Bushido will be celebrating twenty-five years in existence next year. They are no strangers to coaching World and European Champions and are undoubtedly delighted at Shane's achievements as only one other international competitor has achieved the double in the 27 year history of this new and exciting sport.

Shane was introduced to Neways products a couple of months ago, by his therapist Tomás Ronan (Active Balance/Amatsu). Shane has been using Maximol, Revenol and Ming Gold taking higher doses of Ming Gold before fights. He found that he has a higher energy level, faster recuperation time and more focus. Tomás also used the Alleviate on Shane and he found that this made him feel good and his muscles felt strong.

Shane would like to thank both Tomás and Neways for helping him achieve his goal of becoming World Champion.




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