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Since I was a child I have learned to do everything with all my heart and might. Decathlon, the queen of sport has taught me how to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in life.

As a new Olympic winner I have looked into the future with hope and great desires, I have expected only bright and shiny days. The opposite was the case. I was greeted with days filled with injuries, illness, problems and rejection of my sponsors. While I was participating in the training camp in the USA I was introduced to Tom Mower and his company. I admired the honesty, purity and genius of the products and marketing plan. Learning more about the company I started to realize that I am on the right track. I am always doing everything with 100% effort that is exactly how I started to build our company in my own country with a team of enthusiastic people. After 2 years we have over 10, 000 satisfied distributors in my downline in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Neways I no longer have health problems, I am looking forward to compete at the next Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 as a member of Neways Olympic Team. "After winning in the Olympic Games, injuries seemed to plague me and hamper my training routine. Thanks to Neways products, I am again in peak performance. And thanks to Neways business opportunity, today I am a Diamond Ambassador and I no longer need athletic sponsorship. If you want to be faster, stronger, and wealthier, join the Neways network marketing team!"



Robert Zmelik

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