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The Ultimate Diagnosis for a modern age

You may have seen the stunning 'Energy Photography' on the front page of our website. These images were taken by registered medical herbalist, David John Broom – MIRCH. These 'Kirlian' images show us the true nature of food supplements and how they affect our health.

What is Kirlian Photography?
In Kirlian Photography a high frequency electrical field is created around an object, such as an item of food or supplement, and a photo is taken. Around the object is seen a luminesence or glow, which scientists believe includes an emission of light waves called bio-photons. These light particles transmit to the cells on our body and may help provide the key that unlocks the secret energy in our food. By comparing the 'energy fields' of foods or health supplements, we are able to conclude that NOT all foods and supplements are equal. See the images for yourself.

What can it show about the energy in our bodies?
Every organ and function of the mind-body system has its own precise image in the bio-energy field. By taking the 'aura' information from the 10 finger tips, the Kirlian computer software constructs the energy image of the whole body. This provides an extremely efficient way of diagnosing problems.

What to look for?
The Radiance and conformity of wave emissions shown in each photograph reveals something about the nature of the object under scrutiny. One cannot escape the conclusion when seeing the beauty of these images that there is more to living systems than meets the eye. It seems that the richer images and most radiant patterns exhibit the 'energetic' value of the item tested. You will recognise that...

  • Quality food and supplements have harmonious and full radiant patterns which are often pleasing to the eye.
  • Food that has lost its vitality, or poor quality supplements are weaker by comparison and therefore are unlikely to provide energy or healing properties for our bodies.

Please note:
The same parameters have been used for all test procedures where comparisons have been made.

These images have been captured by David John Broom MIRCH (Member of the International Register of Consultant Herbalists) using a GDV device (Gas Discharge Visualisation) from Kirlionics Technologies International. The programme used was developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg State Technical University during the 1990s and provides the most recent method of evaluating life energies in biological objects or humans using Kirlian Photography. With the latest computer data processing techniques, images are captured on the computer screen for analysis.

About the Author:
David John Broom - MIRCH (Registered Medical Herbalist)

David has been a full, practising member of the General Council & Register of Consultant Herbalists for 18 years, after obtaining the Diploma in Botany Therapy under the tuition of the Faculty of Herbal Medicine. He has worked as an Executive Director of a charity clinic, Administrator, Practitioner and Organic Gardener and has a wide knowledge of complementary medicine. Having worked at two leading Natural Health Hydros in Britain -Tyringham Clinic and Enton Hall, he favours a naturopathic and holistic approach to healing.

At his clinic in Hampshire he is working with his wife Judy, on small manageable projects to promote organic growing and the use of raw juices, herbs and sprouted seeds in the treatment and prevention of illness. He uses Kirlian photography and Vega testing to assist diagnosis and choice of medication and supplements.

David lectures to many groups including students at Bournemouth University and Local Hospitals, and is a former chairman of the Dorset Association of Complementary Practitioners. He believes that complementary therapies should be integrated with standard health care services working together to give patients individual choice of treatment wherever possible.

Further copies of the book can
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AirEau Books
Tel: 01420 473383
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email: orders@aireau.co.uk
Website: www.aireau.co.uk

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David Broom
can be
contacted at his clinic:

Hum Forest Clinic
40 Wayside Road
St Leonards
Hants BH24 2SJ
Tel/Fax: 01202 874149


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