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Detoxify, nourish, and energize

You’ve experienced it: feeling depleted and out of energy when your day is only half over. This bogged-down feeling happens when the body is carrying harmful substances and depleted of essential nutrients. If you really think about it, you know which types of foods weigh you down and which ones make you feel good. Chlorophyll-packed green foods are in the feel-good category because they contain phytonutrients that bolster the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and support the normal function of many systemsi . That’s why we created Neways Green Qi® .* In Chinese, qi means balance. The goal of traditional Chinese philosophy is to support a person’s qi—their balance of energy and health—by balancing the natural forces of the body. Nature itself provides all the raw materials to achieve that balance. Green Qi® is a cutting-edge formula that borrows ideas from ancient Chinese tradition, helping you achieve balance for health and wellbeing. Its robust supply of green ingredients includes fruit and berry extracts, potent herbs, marine greens, and cereal grasses that provide you with traditional enrichment. As easy as adding one scoop to your favorite beverage, Green Qi® is a convenient way to detoxify, nourish, and energize your body. It’s a unique formulation of green foods blended with herbal extracts that work together to remove toxins and provide nourishment.


- Contains chlorella, a protein-rich phytonutrient

- spirulina which is a superior vegetable protein and linseed, an important vegetarian source of Omega-3.

- A wholly plant-based solution to help you feel healthy and balanced.

- A formula designed especially for European markets.

- Carefully controlled manufacturing keeps nutrient potency high.


Neways Nutritional
green super-food blend

Activated pre-sprouted barley™ powder, chlorella powder, linseed/flaxseed powder, spirulina powder, barley grass powder, raspberry leaf powder, bilberry fruit powder, lemon peel powder, carrot powder.



A powdered drink made of 100% organic plant-based material to supplement diets and help you to feel more healthy and balanced. The unrefined ingredients are freeze-dried and powdered to preserve naturally occurring phytonutrients. These are then reactivated when you rehydrate the powder.


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