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"Etherium Gold is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation"
Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author Vibrational Medicine

In summary, Etherium Gold promotes mental clarity, improves focus & concentration. It has been clinically proven to balance the two hemispheres of the brain and increase alpha brain-wave production. It is generally accepted in neurosciences that this condition improves learning ability, increases creativity and reduces stress and hyperactivity.

As well as being a useful tool for ascension and DNA activation, Etherium Gold is now at the centre of research regarding learning and behavior disorders in children. It is now being regarded as a potential alternative to Ritalin and other psycho-stimulant drugs. Read Hugh's comprehensive article here.

Etherium Gold contains the same monatomic elements as "White powder gold" which was created alchemically by the high priests of ancient civilizations for the purpose of expanding consciousness as part of ceremony. It was usually reserved for the higher echelons in society or religious order, often times given to initiates being promoted to a higher status within the group.

Etherium Gold is now at the centre of research regarding learning and behavior disorders in children. These graphics show electrical impulses of the brain before and after ingesting Etherium Gold. Notice the ‘calmer’ graphs at the bottom and the balancing of the red and blue. Etherium Gold has been found to work as soon as it bonds with the saliva in the mouth. So before you sit an exam or need to concentrate for extended periods, take a small amount of this incredible substance. Tests were carried out by The Alpha Learning Institute on a sophisticated 2-channel electro-encephalograph (EEG) that measures brain wave activity.

Before Etherium Gold

After Etherium Gold

Biofeedback Shows Etherium Gold Promotes "Whole Brain" Process

Biofeedback research indicates that individuals become more balanced and calm after administration of Etherium Gold. Test shows a clear decrease in emotional reactivity and greater relaxation. The most obvious and consistent results occurred in the EEG measurements after taking Etherium Gold. In 90% of the volunteers brainwave frequencies tended to balance out and all frequency bands showed greater activation.

We could casually say that people with high theta activity (as compared to beta) are considered to be "right brained," (creative, meditative, artistic, spatially oriented). People with high beta activity (as compared to theta) are considered to be "left brained," (logical, mathematically inclined, linearly oriented). Etherium Gold balances the differences in the strength of these frequency ranges between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is therefore a very accurate statement to say that Etherium Gold tends toward helping people become more "whole brained."

In conclusion, this preliminary study shows clear evidence that there is a positive neurological impact, at least temporarily, through the administration of Etherium Gold. The indication is that it somehow provides an environment whereby the brain moves toward a state of homeostasis.

Etherium Gold
the enlightener & brain balancer

Gold (94 ppm)
Iridium (24 ppm)
Chromium (225 ppm)
Silver (178 ppm)

Rhodium (15 ppm)
Platinum (78 ppm)
Plus 70 colloidal trace minerals

1/8 of teaspoon inbetween meals under the tongue and allowabsorption through the tissues of the mouth or dilute
in a little water.

size - 1oz/28g powder

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code - ETH1


Articles & Scientific Reports on Etherium Gold:

The reported benefits of Etherium Gold include:

  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Feelings of expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge
  • Increased intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation
  • Increased feelings of Universal flow and serendipity
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective
  • Deeper prayer and meditative states due to entering the 'Alpha state'
  • Increased feeling of balance and calm
  • Reduced hyperactivity & 'chaotic' tendencies
    in children

The Double Vortex Phenomena

Etherium Gold has an electromagnetic pattern similar, if not identical to the same pattern that energy flows when it is transmuted into matter. Physicists believe when energy forms matter, it begins by moving in a clockwise motion. As its speed increases, a vortex begins to form. Centrifugal force causes the energy to rise and the circumference of the spin becomes tighter and tighter. The energy in the vortex eventually reaches an apex where it cannot go any further and it implodes within itself. From the implosion, another vortex is formed and it moves counterclockwise and as it descends it slows. Eventually it slows to a point where matter forms. At first single atomic (monatomic) states appear, and eventually more complex atomic states.

Energy pattern of Etherium Gold

Birth of matter from energy

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