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Environmental Policy

Neways and the Environment
These days, we are increasingly aware of the environment and our responsibilities to it. Here at Neways there are many ways in which we are helping the environment and you can contribute too.

Packaging in your parcel
The airbags protecting the products in your parcel are made from Air Cushion Technology (ACT) Film, which is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Jiffy Bags
These are particularly environmentally concious as not only does used recycled newspapers and telephone directories form the bulk of the material but, with careful opening and re-taping, they are reusable and recyclable.

Shipping Cartons
The recycled fibre content of the cartons used to protect the Noni and the NewVera for example, varies from product to product; all corrugated cases contain some recycled content. It is generally made from treated 100% recycled material whilst inner liners contain between 90 and 100% recycled material.

Cardboard & Plastic
At Neways, we have two machines called 'balers', which crush, bale and reduce the size of our card and clear plastic waste. A recycling company then collects this three to four times per year.

Neways Generated Waste
Neways abides by the Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme; we currently recycle about 90% of the waste that we generate.

Paper Recycling
Being ever conscious of the effects of unnecessary paper use, Neways provides paper-recycling bins around the building for easy access by all staff.

Bonus Statements
Bonus statements are printed double sided to save paper.

Neways Literature/Sales Aids
All Neways' literature is printed on paper sourced from sustainable forests and carries the recyclable symbol.

Neways Products
All Neways' products are packaged in recyclable materials so that you can put them in a recycling bin when you are finished. Neways' products are concentrated so you use less and the packaging isn't bigger than it needs to be.

Join the WWF...

Waste Connect
is a public recycling database, which offers detailed information on recycling including the nearest recycling points and services in your area.

None of our products are tested on animals. Neways won the US 'Anti-Vivisection' award six years running.


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