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Staying healthy is a lot easier than trying to get well. This is a supplement for feeding your system. It can supply you with very special nutrients, which your body needs if you are coming down with sickness. It is loaded with ingredients which appear to stimulate the nervous system and it stimulates the cells to produce macrophages, so that you can fight infections. It contains specialised types of herbs and nutrients to take if you are ill.

Chinese Medicine
Chinese philosophers ascribe yin or yang qualities to all things. They believe there is a force which binds them all together, which flows within and around them. This force is called chi and is regarded as one of the four most important aspects of Chinese herbal medicine. In Chinese medicine chi is regarded as a yang force, the source of growth and disintegration. It organises the whole body, repels attack from outside and promotes the functioning of the internal organs.


When chi flows well there is harmony and balance, but when it stagnates it is the cause of many illnesses. The essence of traditional Chinese medicine is to keep the chi as complete as possible. It is through strengthening chi that healing takes place. The ancient Chinese learned that different combinations of herbs can help correct imbalances in the flow of chi.These ancient herbal formulas for maintaining different aspects of a healthy chi were originally developed exclusively for the Imperial Chinese Emperors.

These formulas were collected and documented, being passed from one dynasty to the next. Ming Dynasty Emperor Ming Cheng Zu was so enamoured of these herbal formulas that, upon his death, he left instructions for the royal medical encyclopedias to be buried with him.

After a duplicate set of these manuscripts was destroyed during the Boxer Rebellion, the formulas were thought to have been lost to mankind forever. When Chinese peasants discovered the burial chamber of Emperor Ming Cheng Zu in 1977, they also uncovered the original manuscripts of the ancient herbal formulas.

Once these ancient health documents were authenticated Neways secured the marketing rights for many of the Imperial formulas found in them. Among these formulas was the one for Ming Dynasty (Echinacea Formula). Ming Dynasty (Echinacea Formula) is a herbal formula which is based on what the ancient Chinese Imperial herbalists recommended to enhance the body's own ability to regulate nutrition and maintain balance. It increases our capacity to better manage anxieties and the exposure to various elements of our modern-day environment.

Text from Neways International. Thanks.

Neways Nutritional
free from preservatives, fillers, colourings
Echinachea Formula

advanced immune support formula

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Echinacea Root Extract, Rosemary leaf Extract, Hyssop Extract, Thyme Extract, Asian Ginseng Root Extract, Hawthorne Berry Extract, Irish Moss Extract, Mullein Leaf Extract, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide.

Take three tablets morning and night. For optimum results, discontinue use for three to five consecutive days each month.

may be unsuitable to vegans & vegetarians.



This product contains a unique blend of western and chinese herbal extracts to stimulate the immune system and help fight infection, including Echinacea, Thyme, Hyssop, Irish Moss, Hawthorne Berries, Mullein Leaves, Rosemary and Ginseng.

ECHINACEA This herb dramatically increases the production of white blood cells, which are known to reduce malignant tumours. Expends immense force on the immune system. Has anti-inflammatory effect. This herb is like the function of interferon, the body's own powerful protein that throws up a remarkably strong wall of resistance to infections. This herb cleanses the lymphatic system.

THYME Relaxes stiff muscles and blood vessels - helps in relieving headaches and abdominal cramping. Natural antibiotic - has antiseptic qualities, anti-viral element. Helpful for respiratory problems.

IRISH MOSS Encouraging immune system to produce more T-cells and macrophages.

HAWTHORNE BERRIES Helpful for stress and other nervous maladies - particularly insomnia. Strengthens the heart muscle and nerve. Very effective against angina and circulatory diseases: also, inflammation of the heart muscle, arteriosclerosis and nervous heart difficulties. Controls high and low blood pressure. MULLEIN LEAVES Very effective for asthma, bronchitis and sinus also pneumonia. System cleanser and detoxifier. It will stop haemorrhage from bowel and lungs.

ROSEMARY LEAVES Helps to restore youth. Diuretic, is effective against rheumatism and gout. Promotes liver function, production of bile and proper digestion. Antispasmodic, stimulation and improves circulation. The mould that produces penicillin grows on hyssop leaves. It expels mucus from all parts of the body. It controls high and low blood pressure. Wonderful for problems with lungs, coughing due to colds, nose and throat infections, sinus, circulation and asthma. Is very good for poor digestion and ulcers.

GINSENG This has energy giving agents - reduces fatigue. Increases physical endurance, vigour; improves reflexes and co-ordination. Effective against stress related illnesses, and is noted for aphrodisiac effects, counteracting frigidity and impotence. It strengthens the endocrine glands, which encompasses the metabolism of vitamins and minerals. It contains steroids comparable to Oestrogen, which is said to foster a high level of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental stamina. It regulates blood pressure and is considered valuable against blood diseases, fever and inflammatory illness - such as arthritis.

Disclaimer: The information on www.newhuman.co.uk is intended solely for educational and informational purposes and not as medical advice. We cannot advise you on any illness, but we can guide people on how to maintain health. Please consult a 'qualified' medical or health professional if you have queries about your health (Doctors are not nutritionists. In fact they only do one day of nutrition in 7 years training). Although the nutritional supplements and herbs mentioned here have been proven safe, the author of this website does not accept any liability should you choose to self-prescribe and become more healthy, vital and happy. All supplements and devices should be kept out of the reach of infants, young children and politicians. The information on this website can be freely distributed as long as the website address and the authors name are attached to it. All rights reserved. ©Copyright Hugh Newman 2005 / 2012 & beyond.....

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