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‘The Angel’ crop formation came in to existence on or around the 25th July 2001 at the Gog Magog Hills south of Cambridge. The diameter was exactly 237ft. The location is next to Wandlebury, a neolithic earthen henge.

Inside the ‘Angel’ was a strong energy, especially near the scalp of the head of the angel. The wheat was laid as though it was a halo around the angel’s head. There was a spot where one felt uncomfortable, even nauseus, which we later found out through dowsing was a node point of energy. The harmony of the design and the beautiful lay of the wheat, combined with the still standing and very delicate poppy flowers suggested this was a ‘real’ one.

Through dowsing it was soon found a very strong ‘female’ energy current running through it and realised it was the famous ‘Mary’ line, of The Sun and The Serpent fame, which runs from St.Michaels Mount in Cornwall, up to the East Anglian Coast near Hopton-on-Sea. It appears that the formation of the circle altered the course of the Mary line slightly. Plus it actually changed direction whilst in the centre of the formation by 45 degrees, then returned to its original course. There was also a vortex point just to the top right of the head of the angel, the same ‘uncomfortable’ spot I mentioned earlier.

From this node point 75 different energy signatures went inbetween the 75 flattened ‘rays’ coming out from the centre. All the rays were layed alternately facing inwards and outwards, apart from numbers 12 and 13 (if you travel anti-clockwise from the head) which both go inwards.

Words by Hugh Newman

photograph by Charles Mallett & illustration by Allan Brown

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