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Through his research into the phenomena of the ‘psychic (indigo) children’, Hugh Newman realised that many of these children were diagnosed with learning disorders such as hyperactivity (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and even autism. Through basic investigation some very important factors arose: vaccinations, fluoride, e-numbers, pesticides, mobile phone radiation, aspartame, refined sugar, chemicals in body-care & baby-care products etc, provide a dangerous cocktail that are all linked to these conditions. Do we really want to allow these man-made toxins into our children or into ourselves? With simple advice on protecting ourselves from these toxins, using nutrition, ground-breaking technologies and non-toxic products, new human nutrition is at the cutting-edge of modern nutrition and a toxin-free lifestyle.

Hugh Newman has been researching the psychic children and alternative health for fifteen years. He is also a researcher in to mysteries of the earth and how the ancients may have lived healthy lives and writes for various magazines and publications. His book “The Psychic children: Dolphins, DNA and the Planetary Grid” was published in 2008. He has studied naturopathic nutrition, swedish massage, shiatsu, thai massage and other healing arts. He has a degree in film, radio and journalism. He co-edits 'Avalon Rising' and runs workshops and lectures around the country on all these subjects. He was the former Health Editor of 'Children of the New Earth' Magazine. He currently organises the Megalithomania conferences in Glastonbury - www.megalithomania.co.uk

102 pages, 6.14" x 9.21" £9.99 / £3.99 download

Hugh takes us on an adventure from the heights of Glastonbury Tor, to the pyramids of Guatemala and the volcanoes of Hawaii. After meeting some Indigo children on the spring equinox in Hawaii, Hugh was initiated into working on the planetary grid system that included decoding the mysteries of the dolphins and the changes that are happening within our DNA. The adventure includes revelations about galactic alignment 2012 and a coming shift in consciousness, which the children all know about. Join Hugh on this journey as he unlocks the secrets, one by one. Includes a comprehensive nutritional health guide for Indigo children.

" I am certainly impressed by the eclectic nature of the material and the skill with which you have integrated the often complex subject to reveal the greater picture now unfolding." - Simon Peter Fuller - author 'Rising out of Chaos'

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Hugh Newman

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