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British Olympic Bobsleigh Team

I have competed for seventeen years at high levels of sport including athletics and rugby to national league standard with Bedford and Nottingham. I am now in my fifth season representing both the Royal Air Force and Great Britain in the fast and furious sport of bobsleighing. I would like to share my testimonial with the Neways family and hope that it will both help and inspire individuals to greater heights in whatever field they choose.

My story starts during the summer of 1998; I was busy as ever training for the forthcoming bobsleigh season. The demands placed upon athletes at all levels are immense, the demand for even greater performance measured in literally hundreds of seconds. It was at that time that I was approached by a good friend, Graham Moore, who later turned out to be my upline sponsor in Neways, about the use of some rather new and exciting products from the Neways range. I read a copy of the testimonial by Robert Zmelik, a Czech decathlete and the 1992 Olympic champion. He had some fantastic results from a variety of Neways nutritional supplements and indeed had built his very own successful business becoming a Diamond Ambassador and now heads the entire Neways organisation in the Czech republic.

Having discussed the options with Graham and my brother Keith, Keith and I became Neways distributors. I reasoned that it was better to pay wholesale rather than retail and therefore try the products.

I began by using Maximol, Revenol, Ming Gold and Renu and continued to train as normal. As a benchmark of our physical ability, we as a national squad are tested every 6 weeks on our ability to push a bobsleigh a distance of 30 meters. This is a very fair and consistent test ensuring that all the athletes have an equal opportunity to impress.

My opportunity arrived 5 weeks after starting on the Neways nutritional supplements. The next 4.07 seconds to be precise changed my life forever! That was the time taken to the bobsleigh a distance over 30 meters, a massive improvement of 15/100ths of a second as compared to my previous test! To put that result into context, during the Olympic year of 1997/8 my time improved by 7/100ths of a second to a best of 4.14 gained over a period of 6 months. In five weeks I had surpassed my previous best by more than 100% in 5 weeks! Had Neways products really made the difference?

I have no doubt that they did. I found that I had more energy and was able to train harder. Rather than fall asleep at 3pm, I had more quality time in which to carry out my daily affairs. My recovery time was far shorter than it had been, allowing me to train more often and with greater quality. Neways nutritional supplements had not only changed my physical performance: the whole concept had changed my life. I simply could not wait to go out and share my knowledge and of the products with just about everybody!

Of course, Neways is not just about nutritional products. We in our household have literally changed the way we shop. Neways is one of the few companies in the world that are producing safe to use healthcare and household products. We use 50 from the vast range available. The products are fantastic, are safe and of course Neways rewards us for using and sharing the products with others.

It was at this time that the business concept appealed to my brother Keith and myself. This is such a fantastic opportunity not only to help others with their health, (after all, without good health, it is very difficult to pursue other ambitions), but also to help develop other people to realise their dreams and aspirations for greater health and prosperity.

In my opinion, the emphasis placed by Neways on the quality of their products, their high standard for excellent results and honesty in business, make this an opportunity second to none. The products really are unique; there is nothing else like them in the world. The arrival of the multiplex marketing plan will, I am sure, revolutionise the business and indeed the industry.

I am looking forward to the challenge of building upon my success to date and developing an international business that will see others benefit and develop from the use and sharing of Neways products. Decide what you want, set your goals and go for it!! This concept may just change your life as well.

...set your goals and go for it!

Trevor Webster

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