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by Hugh Newman

In last months (Children of the New Earth) newsletter there was a short summary of a recent media report entitled “Plummeting mineral levels suggest nutritional crisis in the UK” (1). This gave an overview of the condition of the UK food supply through a 60 year research study. Although the paper focussed on Britain, the same can be said in any developed country due to aggressive farming methods and several other factors. The shocking mineral loss in our food has long been known by nutritionists and some farmers.

If we step back to around the time the data started being recorded we find a completely different type of food supply. The meat was free-range and locally farmed and was high in omega 3 essential fats. An important nutrient that helps with ADHD and literally hundreds of other conditions. The fruit and vegetables were local and seasonal, and at-home mothers cooked fresh meals every single day. These habits were passed on to their children when fast-food options and processed food were not yet invented. The mineral and vitamin content of food was optimal. Rotational farming was the norm, where although crops removed minerals from the soil, the animals who grazed there returned nutrients to the soil through their waste. Chemicals and fertilisers were not necessary and not available at the time. Most produce was used locally and recycled back into the soil.

“Minerals in the soil control the metabolism of plants, animals and man. All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility of the soil”. Nobel Prize winner Dr Alexus Carrel, 1912.

In 1936 the USA Senate saw the growing problem of farming and nutrition. Here is a quote from the 74th Congress, 2nd Session. "The alarming fact is that foods (fruits, vegetables and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us - no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them".

Environmental chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, insecticides, antibiotics, pesticides and preservatives were relatively uncommon and posed no real threat to our bodies assmilating nutrients. It was not until 1992 that the Earth Summit Report found that depletion of the mineral content of soil was 76% in Europe and 80% in the USA. “High-yield crops grow bigger or faster, but are not necessarily able to make or uptake sufficient nutrients to maintain their nutritional value,” said Donald Davis recently, a biochemist at the University of Texas. The decline in nutritional levels in foods is called ‘the dilution effect'(2).

The birth of intensive farming stripped the minerals from the soil and forgot to replace them. Only Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium were returned, because they help the plants grow slightly better. No consideration was taken for the nutritional content. Pesticides and insecticides disrupt the natural balance of pro-biotic bacteria in the soil, which help the minerals absorb into the plant effectively.

Organic fulvic acids are created by micro-organisms in the soil, for the purpose of transporting minerals and nutrients from the soil into the plant. From there, complex photosynthesis reactions produce the components of all the various parts of the plant. Muco-polysacharrides (complex carbohydrate sugars) flow throughout the plant for nourishment. Some are returned to the roots. There, the micro-organisms are nourished and produce fulvic acid to mix with minerals and nutrients to restart the cycle again. Fulvate organic electolites are involved in complex biochemical reactions in living plants and animals, which directly influence the very metabolic processes at the cellular level. To the science of living cells, fulvic acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals into water solution and delivering their living energies to the living cells. So, two issues – a lot less minerals and no way to absorb the little that are left.

Twice Nobel Prize winner, Dr.Linus Pauling's famous quote “you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” began to take on some relevance. Minerals play a vital host of roles in the human physiology. They support the uptake of vitamins from foods and supplements. If minerals are not present in the diet, vitamins become useless. The US Senate Report #264 quoted “...vitamins control the body's appropriation of minerals and in the absense of minerals, they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of some minerals; but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless”.

Minerals also play a role in alkalising the digestive system. Most food we eat is slightly acidic, which stresses the body and can lead to a multitude of disorders. Minerals control the acid alkaline balance essential for basic health. Maintaining PH balance is the second most important role the body has to carry out. Breathing is the first.

“Why is it that you have to eat four carrots to get the same amount of magnesium as you would have done in 1940?" asks Dr David Thomas, a primary healthcare practitioner and independent researcher who released the recent report. Notable deficiencies in todays children are magnesium, zinc, iron, copper & calcium. The report found that magnesium was down by 24%, Calcium 46% , Iron 54% and Copper 76%. The percentages varied from vegetables to meats but the numbers tell a grave story. Remember that refined flour (in bread, cakes, pancakes etc) lose up to 98% of the essential minerals in processing. Calcium, Magnesium, chromium, manganese and zinc are the main deficiencies.

Minerals play a key role in preventing disease, alkalising the body, aiding in vitamin absorption and literally hundreds of other uses. They are the building blocks of the body. Minerals and trace minerals are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining optimum health.

The goals of society must be based upon returning our food supply to how it was 60 years ago.

1)Long term – soil must be remineralized and return to rotational farming.
2)Medium Term
– adding minerals to the current food supply.
3)Short term
– to supplement our diets with essential minerals that are highly absorbable.

Remineralizing the soil is already underway within small communities in Britain. The SEER (Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration) Centre in Scotland ran successful trials using local 'rock dust'(3). The dust is collected from 420 million year old Scottish volcanic rock in Perthshire containing over 78 minerals and trace elements. Co-founders Moira and Cameron Thompson have been pioneering soil remineralization for 16 years and have since set up a charity with a trading arm called 'Rock Dust LTD'. Acidic upland soil has been transformed. The rock dust is digested by earthworms that deposit mineral-rich wormcasts, thus increasing mineral availability, microbial activity and natural fertility of soil and compost. Fulvic acid availability is also increased. The product remineralises soil and compost to boost soil fertility.

A traditional method for those that live near the sea is using seaweed as a mulch that rots into the soil. It increases mineral quantity and microbes form due to the composting action. Using natural mountain or spring water will also increasethe nutrient value of plants, due to the high mineral content. Just using sea water is also regardes by some communities as a useful technique to return soil to a natural balance.

Adding nutrients to the food supply is already underway, with popular breakfast cereals, margarines and fruit juices. Most of the fortified food is usually in tune with the latest nutritional fads. Omega 3 oils are now being added to margarines and milk, but why are hydrogrnated and trans-fats still on the market shelf disguised in a majority of processed products? These types of 'bad' fats halt the absorptin of omega oils and are used because they have shelf life. The 'fat' story is another article though. To get minerals back in to the food supply is more difficult than one might imagine. As already stated, micro-minerals need to be very small and bioavailable.

This is why the 'long term' plan is ideal. The plants make the minerals available for human absorption. Drinking bottle after bottle of mineral water will not give you the nutrition you need.
The 'short term' plan is what many people are using to bide their time. One in three British people take supplements, but how many take minerals that can be absorbed by the body? Most mineral supplements are crushed up bits of rock and metal and pass straight through the body. Chelated mineral supplements are at most 40% bioavailable. Minerals need to be in a micro-colloid ionic state – or very small particles suspended in water. They also need to have organic fulvic acid with them to give them the support necessary to deliver them into the cells. Fulvic acid has many beneficial properties. It enhances the absorption of trace minerals, regenerates the cell helping carry the minerals into the nucleus. It even helps to modify the stress caused by free radical damage and increases enzyme activity which can improve digestion.

The Kirlian photos below show a 'before and after' scenario of organic fulvates, contained within a micro-colloid mineral solution. Kirlian photography shows the 'life force' and Aura of the subject.

Before Maximol
After Maximol
Drop of Maximol

High-Street Supplement

The subject of the study took the supplement on two consecutive mornings. The first image was just before the first dose, the second image was shortly after the second dose. The supplement tested was Maximol Solutions from Neways. The report was written by David
John Broom, a medical herbalist and health practitioner.
From his book 'The Life in Your Food'


Maximol solutions


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